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Innovative engineering solutions for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food technology.

QPS Engineering AG is your partner for the development and implementation of customised engineering and consulting solutions

Technical excellence in project management, engineering, process technology and quality management.

Tailored special solutions for system initialisation and test procedures

Comprehensive analyses for process precision and quality engineering



Our commitment to continuous improvement and the expertise of our team enables us to achieve top performance in every project. We combine customer requirements and regulatory specifications efficiently and offer versatile solutions. Through continuous training, we keep our knowledge up to date to successfully master complex challenges in the pharmaceutical industry.



Our commitment to continuous improvement and team expertise drives us to achieve excellence in every project. We offer not just services, but solutions, supported by an agile team and efficient process customisation. Our continuously expanding expertise meets the growing demands of the pharmaceutical industry, enabling us to successfully implement complex projects.

We are compliant in the following certifications/systems:

  • Management systems ISO 9001:2015

  • Environmental management systems ISO 14001

We also work regularly with:

  • EG GMP guidelines

  • Welding technology EN 729

  • SCC Safety Certificate Contractors

  • Medical technology EN 46000 / ISO 13485

  • Potentially explosive atmospheres EN 13980

  • Risk analyses and operating instructions

  • Calibrations

  • CE labelling for machines

  • CE declarations of conformity for medical devices

  • 510 (k) Dossiers FDA

  • CE declarations of conformity for explosion-proof devices, components and protective systems

  • CE declarations of conformity ATEX 2014/34/EU



Q Engineering
  • Approx. 25 employees

  • Directly integrated into your teams

  • Experienced sen. Project and process engineers

Process and project engineering

QPS Engineering specialises in comprehensive technical consulting and accompanies customers through all project development phases. They develop innovative solutions for technical challenges in the design and planning of systems. They optimise and secure production processes through precise process and risk analyses. Qualification and validation are carried out in accordance with the highest quality standards. They also carry out technical studies to assess efficiency and offer comprehensive documentation and audit services.

Q Labs
  • Production of customised special solutions

  • Highest precision

  • With direct connection to the system manufacturers

The foundation for visual inspection

Q Labs specialises in the development of individual test sets that are used for qualification and validation in the areas of  

  • Manual Visual Inspection MVI  

  • Semi-automated visual inspection SAVI  

  • Automated Visual Inspection AVI 

are crucial.  

Our customised DiS (Defect Imitation Sample) test sets are fundamental for the development and optimisation of inspection systems as well as for the effective qualification of operators and the enhancement of their defect detection capabilities. 


These test sets ensure reliability and precision in real production environments and are therefore an important factor for high-quality inspections.

Q Measure
  • Measurement technology with precision

  • For quality assurance and audits

Measure, test, improve

Q Measure specialises in measurement technology carried out by experienced process engineers. Among other things for measurements of

  • illuminance

  • noise level

  • roughness

  • Non-destructive material testing

  • Temperature mapping


Q Measure utilises advanced measurement techniques to provide accurate and reliable data to help evaluate and improve production processes.



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